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I help you create the career you want. It’s my mission to help early career therapists and counselors pave the path for private practice, navigate difficult on-the-job circumstances and get set up for success.

That’s accomplished through my coaching, consultation, resources, therapist writing services and support. Don’t miss out on my invaluable emails full of insight, guidance and free stuff to help you, and join the Facebook group Early Career Clinician Community where we have over 370 of your peers connecting and getting questions answered.

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  • – Coaching on how to find paid work and create a plan for your career. Learn more here.
  • -Coaching on how to effectively manage a county, clinic or agency job, or get out of one. Learn more here.
  • -Coaching on how to start and grow a private pay (practice) or be a part of a group practice (with the goal to have your own caseload) while pre- or provisionally licensed. Click here to learn more. 
  • -Coaching on how to increase your referrals and caseload if you’re already in a practice. Learn more here.
  • -Coaching on writing your web site content, directory profiles (such as Psychology Today or Good Therapy) and other marketing materials. Click here to learn more.



I’m Tyra Butler, a coach and consultant, and founder of the Early Career Clinician Community. I have firsthand knowledge of the challenges inherent on the road to licensure, and I figured out how to navigate difficult sites and supervisors along with building a successful private practice while pre-licensed. This included earning all of the required hours by growing a practice and a part-time internship, allowing me to learn how to become an increasingly more effective therapist, getting advanced training in psychotherapy approaches and specific expertise in particular populations. What I have to share with you through my services (coaching and consulting) and courses (coming soon) can save you years of wasted effort and time, and help you become successful in many facets of your career. Let me show you how!


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One Stop Coaching

Coaching can help you set your pre-licensure goals and achieve them. Find paid work, start a private pay practice or land the ideal associateship--ll set you up for success and help you get there! Feeling stuck where you're at? We'll find you something better.

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Research shows that therapists who take time to reflect and consult on their cases show better outcomes. I'll help you think through your cases, improve the relationship with your clients and overcome impasses so you can become an increasingly better clinician who clients want to come to.

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Therapist Writing Services

Get your resume, directory listings and web site content created and polished by a professional with years of writing and editing experience, who can help you present yourself clearly and in ways that'll boost your opportunities to land internships and clients, which = $$!

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Courses & Products

Learn about various topics on how to become a paid, effective clinician. Coming soon!

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